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Do you have experience as skipper, hostess or a cook? Are you maybe interested in applying for a job position?

Welcome to the world's biggest yacht crew members network - Crew Application!

Click on the following link to register and join our team!

Keep up to date with the latest News, create and share your Story or request TECH Support for any technical issues you are dealing with!
What is the main purpose of the TECH Support?

Clear and detailed TECH Support requests will help you solve your problem. Depending on the nature of your problem crew will help you find a solution. Make sure to provide detailed and clear description and include steps you have taken to solve the problem and conditions that crew should consider.

Note: Be sure to add Crew Application to your HOME SCREEN!

When you choose to add the app to your home screen, you'll see it appear along with a short title, in the same way that native applications do. Tapping this icon opens it up as a full-screen app and you'll no longer see the browser around it.

For more information, please read our FAQ.

If you have a technical problem that we have not answered in the FAQ, contact the team by e-mail:

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