The position of the Adriatic Sea and new infrastructure on the coast are sure indication that corporate (joint) sailing is the best team building program for companies and their employees in this part of Europe.

Easy and quick access, either by highway or by plane, the Croatian coast and marines and agency with interesting content and teambuilding program, are one of the main reasons why all big and important company elect for the organization of events of this type.

We offer variety, high profile team building programs to our clients, as well as daily and night events which take place on the coast.

Until today we have devised and enable the following programs sailing: free team sailing, navigation task race, return of team spirit, mission impossible, corporate match.

Skipper4you was the architect of corporate / common sailing and teambuilding programs related to sailing. Every year, starting from 1999. many companies give their confidence to team which for them, thoroughly organizes sailing programs on the Adriatic coast.
Sailing freely without any special tasks and assignments for which you may be rewarded at work. Relaxing on a trip where you'll learn something about the basics of sailing, Croatia, history and gastronomy.

The task is done in an interesting archipelago in the vicinity of Zadar and the Kornati. Each member gets a map and a task. The task is written in the form of riddles or puzzles, and it’s always associated with navigation. All members of the team work together. Skipper is not allowed to actively participate in the game. They manage boats and are responsible for the passengers. In the event that more ships are participating (more teams) they resolve the problem jointly, team working. So this is not a regatta, all teams work together.
More than 50% of managers are not satisfied with collective team spirit within the company. This program can be a start for a better and healthier atmosphere within the team, because it demands team work.
We represent to you interesting sailing race. Experience is not demandable. It’s going to be fun and cheerful, and basic knowledge you’ll get anyway. It is necessary to enhance, that all boats are the same. Under guidance of professional skippers, every victory identifies with victory in business world, good team work, victory is secured!
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