Along the beauty that you can read on in croatian tourist guids here you can check skipper4you.com team reccomendations...

Things that you musn`t miss while in Croatia...

If you are in mood for good “chow”:

  • try fish “ispod peke” at Roki (Plinsko field) - island Vis
  • try shrimps in konoba “Marko” - island Šipan
  • try black risotto in konoba “kod Guste” - Sukošan
  • try lobster in one of the restourants in Komiža - island Vis
  • try black risotto in “Marijina konoba” - Prožura
  • try the boar in konoba “Stermasi” - Pod Škoji - island Mljet
  • on island Lastovo, in Zaklopatica cove, you have to, ineviatble, try “Augusta Insula” restaurant delicates
  • buy fresh clams in Krka river canyon, and ask for the recipe for “buzara” in Skradin
  • try lamb on island Sušac
  • try “trlja od kamena” and “kozice na rikoli” at “kod Marka” in in Šipan harbour
  • try octopuss with gnocchi in konoba “Tramontana” in Beli on the island Cres
  • try shark meat in konoba “Ulikva” in Omišalj on the island Krk
  • try everything in konoba “Tri maruna” u Poljicama na otoku Krku
  • try everything in restaurant “Le Mandrać” in Volosko
  • try grilled shrimps in konoba “Toš Juna” in Valun on the island Cres
  • try frogfish in Žlahtina in konoba “Nada” in Vrbnik

If you want to see some impressive things:

  • climb on the island Smokvica (one of the Konati islands) i see sunseeting
  • see the town Lastovo during the night
  • visit the elephants in the ZOO on Brijuni islands
  • experience the view from Vidova gora - island Brač - the highest island peak in Croatia (780 m)
  • experience the view from small village Lubenica - island Cres
  • visit the small village Beli on island Cres
  • visit the endangered spicies griffon vulture on Osor - island Cres
  • take a walk through Punta Križa woods (Cres/Lošinj) and look for hiden old roman excavations
  • take a walk to the capel st. Snježne Marije on the peak of island Ist, and enjoy
  • take a walk through monastery build on the cliffs and cave of island Brač - desert Blaće, and visit the museum inside
  • visit the museum on island Komiža, and talk with an old Capitan, who will be your guid through World War II on island Vis
  • play cricqet on Roki`s playground on island Vis
  • look at Palagruža from the peak Hum - island Vis, after bura
  • take a walk along the sandy beach Lojena on the island Biševo, to the little, old school in the islands center
  • visit fishermans church on the island Piškera
  • visit the old, devastated Tito`s cave on island Vis
  • discover the Odisej cave on island Mljet
  • cast your anchor and visiiti the “gang” on the Stončica lighthouse on island Vis
  • visit the Marco Polo`s original house - museum on island Korčula
  • on yor way to Skradin, make a stop in Šibenik and visit the most beautiful croatian cathedral
  • cast your anchor on Goli otok and visit devastated communist prison
  • take the dinghy`s and look for submarines garages on island Lastovo, Dugi
  • climb the peak of island Plavnik and enjoy the view

If you want to get really drunk:

  • visit the “Ki-Va” bar on island Hvar
  • drink with anybody on island Zlarin
  • go to the bar in Plamižana marina in the afternoon
  • drink with the locals in the bar “Corto Maltese” - Komiža - island Vis
  • drink homemade moonshine - tirqise color with the owner “Tri maruna” in Poljice on the island Krk
  • come to Peneziće on the island Krk and call Šoprek (+385 91 3770 156)

If you want to overspend:

  • go to the “Carpe diem” bar on island Hvar
  • order the fish menu in anyone restaurant in Kornati archipelgo
  • go to the island Krapanj in hotel Spongiola
  • order the lobster in “Kuća jastoga” on island Komiža
  • order homemade wine in anyone island restaurant
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